He Shoots, He Scores, He Gets Slapped

04.19.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

This is Croatian Tomislav Bosec scoring a goal and then getting slapped by a fan. Hey, that’s what happens when you climb up on the railings. This isn’t mid-90s Berlin, bucko. David Hasselhoff can’t save you at that point. I’d tell you who won the game but I’m not sure you even care. This site says that Bosec is only 20 years old, and honestly, people at that age can’t get slapped around enough. Especially now that the Cold War is over. These kids have to get their downtrodden attitudes from somewhere. Oh, and his team also won the game, 1-0. That’s nice.

This might have been the only soccer game in Europe that I didn’t have any money on. Those crazy Croats are just too unpredictable. Case in point. –Dirty Tackle, via KOGOD.

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