This Headline Either Needs A Comma Or One Mets Fan Is Pretty Dehydrated

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04.01.14 7 Comments

The New York Mets lost a heartbreaker on Opening Day yesterday at Citi Field, as reliever Bobby Parnell gave up a game-tying double in the 9th to the Washington Nationals, who would score four more runs in the 10th for a 9-7 win. Mets batters might have hit three home runs in the game, but they also struck out a whopping 18 times. Combine all of those facts into one newspaper deck, and you’d kind of have the one above, except without a very crucial comma, it makes it seem like the Mets are performing oral sex on fans. In reality, we all know that the Mets prefer to bend them over instead. *tips cap*

To his credit, since he’s probably not the guy who wrote the deck, Wall Street Journal Mets writer Jared Diamond had a pretty good sense of humor about it.

(H/T to 96.1 KISS)

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