This Heartwarming Father/Son Reunion During A Football Game Introduced Us To The World’s Worst Person

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12.18.13 23 Comments

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The “inspirational” tag is one of my favorites at UPROXX because it consistently helps reiterate the fact that people are inherently good. We’ve seen kids help one another, make powerful, selfless gestures and find themselves lost in emotion unexpectedly reuniting with their families.

This story and clip about Master Sergeant Joseph Martel disguising himself as a football player to surprise his son on the 50-yard line is one of the coolest and sweetest we’ve ever shared. Via USVetHub:

Wow! What a beautiful moment on the 50-Yard Line of a football field. His son, practically a grown man himself, broke down in tears and understandably so. This has to be one of the best military surprise return home around.

Master Sergeant Joseph Martel served overseas in Afghanistan with the United States Air Force. Thank you for your service Master Sergeant Martel and thanks for letting us share in your very special moment!

Here’s video of the moment, and while it’s important enough to stand on its own, I want you to listen carefully at the 1:14 mark, when the camera picks up commentary from quite possibly the worst person in the entire world.

Did you hear it?


At least, that’s what it sounds like to me. A Master Sergeant just pulled off an amazing trick to surprise his son and is sharing a tearful embrace with him, and some jerk is upset because THEY’RE TRYIN’ T’PLAY FOOTBALL. I really hope they didn’t finish the sentence because somebody said “hey, shut the f*ck up, all right?” and not because they had to edit out the insult.

The best and worst of humanity, all in one video.

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