Video: SCUBA Diving Dad Returns From Afghanistan To Surprise His Daughter

This one gets a ton of points for creativity. Taking a break from our standard “vets returning home to surprise their families at sports events” videos that we just can’t get enough of, a woman named Bethany Bronson posted a video to YouTube on Tuesday of her and her daughter snorkeling. Of course, that’s nothing more than a nice family video to play on her prom night 10 years from now, but they received a huge surprise* when Bethany’s husband popped out of the water to tell them he’s home from Afghanistan.

Dad was three weeks early for his expected return after more than six months of service, which made the video all the sweeter. Of course, YouTube commenters had to do their YouTube comment thing, like “adrianlindsaylohan” who wrote: “This was sooo nice!!! Though I could do without the cheesy “Mrs. Bronson, your husband’s here reporting for duty.”

You know what I could do without? YouTube commenters who like Lindsay Lohan. Go fall in a ditch and let the rest of us enjoy a special moment.

*You can call this video fake all you want, but my fingers are in my ears and I’m shouting, “I CAN’T HEAR YOU LA LA LA LA LA LA!”