Heath Shuler Will Be Packing Heat

01.10.11 7 years ago 41 Comments

In light of the recent events in Tucson, Arizona on Saturday, North Carolina Congressman Heath Shuler has made an interesting public statement. Shuler played quarterback at Tennessee, and then for the Washington Redskins, before being elected to represent North Carolina’s 11th district in 2006.

Shuler says he’ll now make it a practice to carry the permitted handgun when he is away from Capitol Hill, where lawmakers rely on Capitol Police for security.

Shuler says his staff members have also gone through the training and background checks needed for the legal permit to carry concealed handguns.


I’m not espousing my personal beliefs here, but it’s interesting that as some people are calling for tighter gun control legislation, one Congressman is making a point to show that he actually feels safer carrying one. But when one considers Shuler’s 49 percent career completion percentage, he certainly wouldn’t be in as much danger as those standing near his targets. That’s a joke, people. Don’t email me.

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