Heidi Klum's Carl's Jr. Commercial May Top Kate Upton… Just Kidding

Continuing in the great tradition of Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s using very attractive celebrity women to help sell their otherwise terrifyingly high-calorie sandwiches, Carl’s will debut a new commercial later this month starring 39-year old walking Fountain of Youth, Heidi Klum. Sure, you could say that this has absolutely nothing to do with sports, but I can name two athletes named Carl – Edwards and Yastrzemski – so I’ve covered my bases.

The theme of Klum’s commercial is the classic film, The Graduate, which is awesome, because it should be every college-aged male’s dream to be seduced by a woman as amazingly attractive as Klum and afford a hamburger. And like all good commercials these days, Carl’s Jr. went behind the scenes with Klum to tell you what goes into making a 30-second spot about food. Trust me, it’s as fascinating as you think.

The ad takes the fast food chain’s typical formula — blonde model, bathing suit, massive hamburger — and gives it a theme: “The Graduate.”

“Basically, I am Mrs. Robinson and I am seducing this cute little boy… with my burger,” says Heidi in the behind-the-scenes video (below). “I shove the burger in his mouth in a sexy way.” As the commercial’s creative director Mick DiMaria put it, “We’re basically taking that scene and foodifying it.” (Via HuffPo)

If there’s an easier job in the world, it would have been outsourced already. If anything, this behind-the-scenes look is an excuse to giggle at Klum’s adorable accent.

But it’s also a reason to compare it to Kate Upton’s classic ad that is, in fact, the greatest food ad ever made.

And now I’m hungry.