Heidi Watney is Hot, Says Nerd’s Face

Pro Wrestling Editor

I don’t want to bombard you with videos to end the day, but this one is “the Internet” in a comfortable 16 second encapsulation. While reporter Heidi Watney talks about Jose Bautista on the sidelines at a Toronto Blue Jays versus Boston Red Sox game, a fan in the stands (who may or may not be Peyton Manning if you look at him long enough) gives her a hardcore ogling, complete with suggestive eyebrows.

The closest I’ve come to being this kid was when Jennie Finch sat in the row behind me at a Round Rock Express game last season. I just shook her hand and told her I liked what she did, but I probably should’ve put my hand over my mouth and made “a-ooga, A-OOGA” noises.

[via The Nosebleeds]

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