Help Ray Lewis Name His ‘Sleeved Blanket’

12.15.10 7 years ago 16 Comments

We discussed this on my podcast last night, but here it is for all of my deaf readers: God’s stabbiest linebacker is holding a contest to help promote his new custom line of apparel. Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis is launching a new line branded as “RL52 Style,” which seems a little silly. All he had to do was old out for that UGG’s endorsement like Tom Brady did. That line includes a sleeved blanket, which Ray is asking school students in Maryland to help him name. From the contest page:

“Name Ray’s Blanket with Sleeves Contest” ENTER NOW! You’ve seen the Snuggie* on TV, but Baltimore Ravens Ray Lewis has come up with a BIGGER, BETTER and PLUSHER version of the famous “Blanket with Sleeves.”

After a hard day on the field, # 52 likes to relax on his couch with this soft and luxurious new addition to the RL52 Style Apparel line! Kids, Ray needs your help to name his new blanket.

If you can come up with the winning name for Ray’s Blanket with Sleeves, you could win an personally autographed RL52 Style Prize Pack and your school could win a visit from Ray Lewis, where he will give an inspirational speech.

First prize is a visit from Ray Lewis to your school. Second prize is your family doesn’t get murdered in the middle of the night. But seriously, it’s cool that Ray is doing things for himself off the field. I just wonder how many kids will submit the name “Stabbie.” It is Baltimore, after all.

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