Today’s Boring News: Henrik Stenson is Golf’s Goldberg

…and not because he plays golf in his underwear. Frustrated either by his own play or the industrial-sized ass-whomping laid on U.S. Open over the weekend by Rory McIlroy, Stenson got mad and started hitting the ground with his club. He had an awkward start and didn’t really commit, and ended up breaking the club in half and cutting himself. It’s the golf equivalent of pouring yourself a glass of water, then immediately knocking it over and spilling your blood everywhere.

Because you’re even less likely to read a post about golf than one about pro wrestling, the incident reminded me of the time World Championship Wrestling’s Bill Goldberg proved his toughness by punching out the window of a limousine and yeah, it looked pretty tough, but he cut everything in his arm to sh:t and was out for a year.

In a related story, neither Stenson nor McIlroy is the “next Tiger Woods”, no matter what you read today.

[via Devil Ball Golf]