Watch An MMA Fighter Get Knocked Out Three Times Before The Ref Steps In

Mixed martial arts is one of the most exciting sports in the world because you’re constantly seeing shocking acts of violence so over the top, you’d question their believability if you saw them in an action movie. But truth is stranger than fiction, and things get crazy on the regular in the cage — especially in minor league MMA.

Take, for example, this match at Jungle Fight 88 in Brazil between Henrique Lopes and Johnny Walker. Lopes knocks Walker flat onto the canvas with a vicious overhand right, then follows it up by knocking his opponent limp again. But before the referee can step in to stop things, Walker jumps back to his feet with impressive determination. Unfortunately, his wits are not about him and he catches another punch to the temple that faceplants him yet again.

Even with this third knockout, the referee still doesn’t stop the fight until Lopes follows up with a little more ground and pound. In the end, we counted three — potentially four — times where Johnny Walker was unconscious enough for the fight to stop. A more experienced referee would have stepped in after Walker bounced back to his feet, because as soon as you go limp once, you’re done. The only thing worse than getting knocked out is getting knocked out multiple times in quick succession. Let’s hope Walker is okay, and that the official in this fight gets sent back to ref school.

(via Caposa on Twitter)