Here Come The Awesome Reaction Videos From USA’s World Cup Win Over Ghana

It was only America’s first game of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, but it was exciting as hell and enough to get all of us piling on the bandwagon even more than we already were. As if US fans weren’t already nervous and anxious over their team’s hopes and chances to make it out of Group G, which is also known as one of the two Groups of Death, Clint Dempsey made things equally exciting and insane by scoring in the opening minute. It was exciting because “AMERICA! WOO! WE’RE WINNING!” but it was insane because, “Oh sh*t, they have to hold this lead now.”

But despite Ghana having the ball for what seemed like 99% of this match, Tim Howard did his best to keep it scoreless until about the 82nd minute, when André Ayew made USA fans shout a collective, “F*************CK!” And then, as if the gods of soccer thought it might be fun to tease us a little with the prospect of actually advancing, 20-year old John Brooks broke the tie with an incredible header in the 86th minute to give America the 2-1 win.

So are there already crazy fan reaction videos coming in? You bet. First up, here’s a crowd in Kansas City reacting to Dempsey’s quick opening goal.

And here’s that same crowd in Kansas City going bonkers over Brooks’s goal.

I’ve also heard that people like to drink beer while watching World Cup soccer, so here’s a look at fans in a bar getting pretty excited (Via @SBNation)

[protected-iframe id=”f4fd7c7cb6c2f3e053a43a6822dc168b-60970621-60085469″ info=”” width=”600″ height=”600″ frameborder=”0″]

I’ll keep updating with more videos as I find them, as they are just about my favorite things in the world. In the meantime, folks, feel free to keep editing Brooks’s Wikipedia page. He’s earned it.

UPDATE 1: Here’s a crowd of fans in Birmingham reacting to Dempsey’s goal. Ironically, our friends at Estately determined that Alabama cares the least about soccer.

UPDATE 2: Via John Ferensen from Next Impulse Sports, here are fans reacting in Seattle…

[protected-iframe id=”0f988a6ad25ec8f3cf85265174be670a-60970621-60085469″ info=”//” width=”612″ height=”710″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”]

… and it was so loud and crazy there that a window broke.