Here’s A Bunch Of Cheerleaders Fighting At A College Basketball Game

Bring it on! Cheerleaders and dance team members from Tuskegee and Albany State engaged in a brouhaha during the SIAC basketball tournament on Tuesday night. The incident was caught on video by a fan in the stands. The clip is brief, but does contain some NSFW language.

The SIAC dropped the hammer on everyone involved, booting them from the rest of the tournament. Here’s their statement:

“The obligation to observe basic principles of sportsmanship and fair play extends to all participants at the SIAC basketball tournament. As a consequence of the incident on Tuesday, the cheerleading and dance teams from both Albany State University and Tuskegee University will not be permitted to participate in our tournament for the remainder of the week.”

Both Tuskegee and Albany State apologized for their respective roles in the incident and promised a full investigation. Tuskegee went on to win the game, 80-63.

To the best of our knowledge, no one was served. Wait, wrong cult classic. Never mind.

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