Here’s A Painting Of Larry Bird And Skeletor

The Tumblr page The NBA Dribbled Out posted the above image that recently showed up in Reddit’s NBA thread, so I will let the author of that site describe it:

Someone uploaded this picture of a painting, which they claimed to have found in an ice cream parlor. In case you were wondering, that’s Larry Bird enjoying a milkshake while sitting with Skeletor, the arch-enemy of He-Man. Skeletor appears to be enjoying a cigarette instead of a delicious lactose treat. I love milkshakes and Larry Bird, but I also enjoy a smoke every now and then, so this picture was begging to be blogged about.

This painting is incredible, so I want to break this down into many talking points.

1) Why is Larry Bird eating a milkshake with Skeletor?

2) How did they meet?

3) What are they talking about?

4) Why is Skeletor smoking instead of eating ice cream?

5) Did Skeletor eat ice cream first and decide to have a cigarette because Larry eats his ice cream very slowly?

6) Does Skeletor avoid ice cream because his head is just a skull and he gets brain freeze easier?

7) Does Larry Bird hate He-Man?

8) Is Larry Bird trying to convince Skeletor to quit smoking?

9) Is Skeletor a Boston Celtics fan?

10) Does this mean Magic Johnson has ice cream with He-Man?

11) Did Larry Bird hang out with Skeletor because he was jealous of Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny?

12) Did Skeletor promise Larry Bird that he would let him ride He-Man’s giant green lion after they had ice cream?

13) When they made the He-Man movie with Dolph Lundgren and Courtney Cox, what was up with that little bearded dude?

14) She-Ra was pretty hot, right?

15) How come nobody recognized that Prince Adam was actually He-Man when they both had the same build, face and penis-head hair?

And probably many more, but I will sadly never know who this painting’s creator was. But if that person is out there, know this – I value this portrait more than any Picasso or Rembrandt. Thank you.