Here's A Pretty Creative Way To Dispose Of Your Old Sporting Goods

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03.29.12 7 Comments

When I was in high school, I tried to saw a surfboard in half and turn the pieces into bookshelves to impress a girl. What I didn’t know was that A) sawing a surfboard in half is freaking ridiculously hard without the right saw and 2) I was a moron and girls hated me. So I was left with two worthless, jagged halves of a surfboard and a newfound burden of poor taste for kitschy decorating that has stuck with me today. What’s that? Hell yeah that original Peaches Records crate would look awesome in my living room!
The other day I was doing my random web surfery when I came across a post on Environmental Graffiti that brought me back to that awkward day in my garage with that rusty saw blade and 47% chance of ripping my ring finger to pieces. It seems there are actually other people out there who know what they’re doing when it comes to salvaging surfboards, skis, snowboards, bikes and even bowling balls and making something useful and creative out of them.
God help me if these images of genuine creativity reignite my desire to turn crap into treasure, resulting in a trip to the emergency room. After all, a man can’t write d*ck jokes with 9 fingers.

(Image via Flickr/Dave Williams)

(Image via Flickr/Sandy Su)

(Image via Kelly Ludwig)

(Image via Flickr/Jan Meng)

(Image via Rebecca Palumbo)

(Image via Flickr/AMPion Photography)

(Image via Flickr/Todd Lappin)

(Image via Flickr/Lena Vilseskogen)

(Image via Flickr/Jane Wagner)

(Image via Flickr/Chris Symonds)

(Image via Flickr/Matt Murphy)

(Image via Flickr/BnG Photos)

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