Great Moments In 'Whatever, Bro': Ryan Lochte Didn't Think SNL Was Funny

Out of habit, after I watched the season premiere of Saturday Night Live this past weekend, I called it awful, because it followed the same old formula of opening strong and slowly trailing off into laziness. But the episode had its moments, and for once I wasn’t shaking my fist at Seth MacFarlane and screaming bloody murder for FOX. Well, except for one bit in Weekend Update.

Striking while the iron is still dull, I mean hot, the SNL team had MacFarlane imitate Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte, and it was okay. He played too heavy on the dullard part, but people mostly liked it. So of course the gossip webloids couldn’t wait to get a response from the aspiring actor and guy who wants to make out with a dozen desperate girls for ABC.

“Well I gotta admit that was a pretty harsh one, but it’s cool to have Seth parody me,” the swimming champ told Celebuzz. “I think he pegged me wrong, but when I heard he did a skit I knew I was in for it!”

But Lochte has no harsh feelings for MacFarlane. “It’s all in fun and of course if I’m talked about on SNL I know they are gonna get me ‘Go-od,’” he said, referencing faux Lochte’s mispronunciation of NBC show Go On as “goon.” (Via Celebuzz)

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, I see what you did there, you comedian. This guy’s got A-list written all over him. Lochte also told Extra that SNL was making fun of the old Ryan Lochte and that he’s totes better in front of the cameras now. That’s an interesting perspective. Let’s examine Lochte’s theory, shall we?

First, here’s the sketch in question. Obviously, as you can watch, MacFarlane played Lochte as a cartoon character mongoloid, when he’s more of an unaware douche.

Now, here is that Buzzfeed compilation of Lochte’s old interviews that he’s clearly referring to from 6 or 7 years ago.

Here’s Captain Charisma speaking to Piers Morgan back in August about his acting and boner aspirations, and here he is in that aforementioned interview with Extra that he gave the other night on the red carpet for the American Latino Media Arts Awards.

JEAH, he’s a completely different man. Here’s my prediction – Comedy Central is going to invite Lochte to be on the dais for its next celebrity roast and he’ll tell 3 minutes of painfully unfunny jokes about MacFarlane and it will make the Situation’s appearance at the Donald Trump Roast look like a Louis CK special.

As for the ALMA Awards, tune in Friday night, as we hope that Marta finally wins.