Here’s A Sweet Reminder That Kobe Bryant’s Marriage Is As Strong As A Diamond

It was roughly a year ago that rumors first surfaced regarding Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and his alleged affair with voluptuous Playboy model Jessica Burciaga, and most of us thought for sure that Vanessa Bryant was going to take her husband to the cleaners in a divorce. In February, despite Kobe and Vanessa being caught smooching after a Lakers game, the L.A. Times reported that the divorce was full-steam-ahead, as it was revealed that Vanessa would be taking a huge chunk of his amassed fortune, as well as three of the couple’s homes.

The news eventually trailed off and the rumors stopped circulating, and we all stopped caring, because athletes get divorced all the time. Also, Kobe had already bought his way out of a divorce for far worse reasons with a nice, humongous diamond ring, so who the hell knew what would happen?

But then the 2012 Summer Olympics came along and new rumors popped up regarding Kobe’s relationship with Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice, as two other Aussie athletes accused the eventual gold medal hoopster of following Rice everywhere. That was shot down pretty quickly, though, once Vanessa showed up to London and remained hand-in-hand with Kobe for the rest of the games.

And now, as if we needed any additional proof that true love (and hundreds of millions of dollars) conquers all, Kobe posted a picture of his family’s Christmas card to Instagram. It’s really quite beautiful, especially that $4,500 Gucci dress that Vanessa is wearing. Don’t be too upset about the price tag, though, because she got it on sale.

(H/T to Fashion Bomb Daily)