Here’s A Unique Touchdown Dance

Senior Writer
02.11.11 9 Comments

Food Should Taste Good is a 5-year old company that manufactures snack foods that are both delicious and good for us. And while that idea goes against everything that I and this fine country stand for, people seem to dig it. Damn democracy.

Back in January, FSTG announced a competition for fans to create, record and submit their most creative touchdown dances, and the winner would receive $10,000 (probably in organic hippie money). Well the winner has been announced, and Nathan Barnatt’s one-man pass-catch-dance routine has made him and his video’s director, Paul Cummings (Hehehehehehehehehe), $10K richer.

After the jump, check out Barnatt’s winning video, as well as a couple other entries that I dug up…

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