Here’s A Very Strange Video Of Sheep Playing Soccer In Colombia

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06.03.14 2 Comments

Upon first viewing, this video of two teams of sheep “playing soccer” against each other might seem a little cruel, since they’re not actually playing soccer as much as they’re being dragged around by people with ropes. But don’t get upset just yet, because it’s totally fine and it’s actually part of a festival in Nobsa, Colombia that celebrates the noble animals. Every year for International Ruana Day, people in this region of Colombia get together to create and sell wool ponchos using the techniques that their ancestors championed.

This year, for sheep and giggles, they dressed two herds of sheep in Colombian and Brazilian soccer kits, so they could make them play against each other in honor of Colombia’s return to World Cup competition. Colombia ended up winning the contest 4-3, before, presumably, the athletes were the special guests at a delicious dinner.

(H/T to Inside World Soccer)

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