Here’s A Video Of A High School Girl Somehow Breaking The Rim On A Free Throw

After a missed free throw during a girls’ basketball game in Pennsylvania between General McLane and Mercer High Schools, the rim fell off, delaying the game for about 45 minutes. I’ve watched the video several times now and I’m not sure how it happened, but I’ve come up with three theories.

  1. Poor installation and/or heavy wear and tear over time
  2. There was a glitch in the matrix
  3. The rim got tired of its lot in life and decided to end things

Theory #1 is the most likely and the only one that doesn’t run counter to nonfiction science, but it’s also the least fun so I’m going with theory #3. Poor little dude spent its entire life in a HS basketball gym being subjected to countless bricks and overall poor play and just couldn’t take it anymore.