Here’s Chess Boxing, Quite Possibly The Most Russian Sport Of All

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12.10.13 16 Comments

Chess Boxing

Hey, you know what’d make chess better? If the guys playing it were shirtless, sweating profusely, and punched each other in the face over and over. Oh cool, that exists already? THANKS, RUSSIA.

The country that gave us headbutting bears and naked lady ticket jockeys now brings us CHESS BOXING, the sport that combines the brains of chess, the brawn of boxing and the unnecessary hilarity of Russia.

First, they play chess. Then, they box. THEN, they have to play chess while their brains are all f*cked up. Not since baseball has the creation of a sport been so beautiful. Check it out:

Suggestion for Russia: add bears. Russian bear chess boxing. Make the bears play chess, punch them, I don’t care.

[h/t to ME]

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