Here’s The First Look At The WWE Network’s Upcoming Show ‘Legends House’

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01.10.14 16 Comments

Legends House

Despite being the world’s foremost expert on the WWE’s reality series Total Divas, I’m ready for a breath of fresh air. However, it looks like that air will smell like whatever it is that I imagine “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan smells like – sawdust and Brut, perhaps – because not only do we get Total Divas back in March, but now that the WWE Network is here to make sure that our lives have meaning 24 hours a day, we finally get the long-awaited Legends House debuting in April.

The WWE actually filmed Legends House back in 2012, but the 10-episode series that crams a bunch of former superstars into the same house never aired. So what better time to fill us in on what happens when “Rowdy” Roddy Piper and Hillbilly Jim stop acting polite… and start acting like they’re acting real?

Here’s the first preview clip for Legends House, and if there isn’t an episode that focuses on one of the Bushwhackers biting through a colostomy bag, I am going to be incredibly disappointed.

My current level of excitement for this show:

Legends House

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