Here’s Frank Thomas With A HOT TAKE On Alex Rodriguez’s Hall Of Fame Chances

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A Rod and Frank Thomas

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This might go down as one of the biggest years of the Big Hurt’s career, as Frank Thomas is not only being inducted into the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, but he’s also joining Fox Sports 1 as an analyst. Naturally, he has to start working on his analyst game if he’s going to hang with the FS1 big boys like that one guy they have and the other guy who says the things about baseball, so it’s fortunate that Thomas was harassed by a TMZ photographer after he arrived at the airport.

Joey Picturesnapper asked him the hottest baseball questions of the day, like “Will Alex Rodriguez get into the Hall of Fame?” and “Should there be more designated hitters in the Hall?” and Thomas answered with all of the tenacity and seriousness of a guy who really needs to work on having opinions about things. Then again, if Thomas had his own hour-long show on which people ask him serious questions about baseball’s biggest news and every answer was “No” or “I can’t talk about that,” it might actually be the most entertaining thing on the network.

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