Here’s A Lion Wearing KISS Makeup And KISS Holding Hockey Jerseys, Because, Uh

Two of my favorite stories from last year — KISS buying an Arena League Football team in LA and making them KISS-themed and Los Angeles Kings mascot Bailey the lion out-shooting Dwight Howard — come together in the most delightful, Brandon-appropriate story of 2014.

Because KISS will show up anywhere and put their face on anything, they posed for a photo with Bailey, who dressed appropriately for the occasion. It’s a lion in KISS makeup, while the guys who get paid to wear KISS makeup look bored and hold hockey jerseys. OPPOSITES DAY, OPPOSITES DAY!

My big question is this: There is a guy in KISS who wears cat makeup, right? Peter Criss. Bailey is a lion. Shouldn’t he have worn cat makeup? Does Gene Simmons call dibs on his character most representing everything KISS, does Peter Criss hate hockey, or is the idea that Bailey is wearing Peter Criss makeup normally, so he has to become the demon so people will notice?

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