Here’s A Little Girl Having Her Eyes Covered Against Her Will During A Blackhawks-Avalanche Brawl

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03.14.14 7 Comments

cover little girl's eyes hockey fight

This clip of a little girl having her eyes covered during a Chicago Blackhawks/Colorado Avalanche brawl is adorable on the surface, but gets more and more interesting the deeper you get into it.

First, here’s the clip. Sheldon Brookbank and Cody MacLeod drop their gloves after a cheapshot and start trying to decapitate one another with their fists in a fight that probably won’t end with everybody high-fiving. Watch the upper righthand corner on the close-up replay:

Here it is in GIF form, courtesy of CSN Chicago:

Blackhawks Avalanche brawl little girl cover eyes gif

CSN Chicago

She’s having her eyes covered because she’s a little girl, and her family doesn’t want her watching guys punch each other to death, right? See, that’s what I thought at first, too … but notice how she’s wearing an “I’ll trade my brother for Avalanche tickets” shirt and everyone else is wearing Blackhawks gear. So what’s going on? Are they just trying to keep her from seeing Brookbank get his ass kicked? Is she even with these people? I don’t see any little boys having their eyes covered, so maybe she got in by scalping her brother.

We will investigate further and report on our findings.

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