Here’s Mad Magazine’s Politically Correct NFL Team Names, In Case The ‘Buccaneers’ Was Too Offensive

Who’s up for another several months of arguing about the Washington Redskins mascot?

Congress has threatened the NFL’s tax-exempt status if Washington doesn’t stop calling themselves a racial slur. A spokesman for the team has called the government racist. It’s the worst argument you’ve ever read on the Internet manifested in real life, involving millionaires and billionaires and people who should probably just say, “yeah, all right,” and move on with their lives.

MAD Magazine has chimed in with their own understanding of the Redskins You’re-A-Racist-O-Rama with a list of other, more politically correct NFL team names. Going too far in either direction is truly the answer. Either give them a condescendingly complex “safe” name or call them the WASHINGTON DEAD INDIANS WE HATE. The issue goes on sale 2/25 but we’ve got an exclusive look at some of their choices, and I’ve gotta be honest … I’d get behind a team called the “Non-Denominational Do-Gooders.”

Here’s a preview:

h/t MAD