Here’s Rare Footage Of Wrigley Field During The Cubs 1938 Home Opener

This video, courtesy of Chicago Film Archives, gives a brief glimpse into what it was like to attend a game at Wrigley Field in the late 1930’s. Reportedly shot on 16mm film by a fan in the stands during the Cubs home opener in 1938, the footage offers a fun little time capsule. Notice not a single Sandberg jersey in the bunch. Perhaps the most shocking sight aside from the clothes people wore is how comfortable the men seemed to be with lighting up their cigars in the middle of a crowded stadium. Can you imagine what would happen if somebody did that today with all the annoyed glances and passive-aggressive gestures they’d get? Think about the children. My goodness, the children!!!

Also, if you pause it at the 0:45 mark, an advertisement can be seen just above the left field bleachers that offers perhaps an eery bit of foreshadowing. I wonder if there’s any relation.

Ricketts Wrigley Field 1938


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