Here’s Rob Gronkowski Cracking A Joke About His ‘Big Sausage’ On ‘Top Chef’

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You’ll be shocked to hear this but Rob Gronkowski cracked a joke about his penis on TV. No, not Rob Gronkowski! He’s the most *refined gentleman I know! Padma Lakshmi, the co-host of Top Chef, piled on with her own big sausage joke because when you’re with Gronk, you go full meathead.

You can see Gronk and his big sausage on Top Chef tonight at 10pm.

*I’ve told this story a few times but it bears repeating. A few years ago I was at the ESPY Awards and found myself in the buffet line next to Rob Gronkowski. Instead of using the serving fork to grab these “meat on a stick” things, Gronk just reached in and went to town with his hands. It was both disgusting and awesome, a man after my own heart. I vowed that day never to root against him.