Here’s Some Street Art Of Muhammad Ali Knocking Out Street Fighter’s Ryu

According to the great, in-depth research that I do before writing any post, the Rue Saint-Denis is a really old street in Paris, France and it’s full of hookers. With that said, I will now accept my professorship of European history at Harvard, thankyouverymuch. But while they put together that offer, I’ve been running my typical routine of ignoring the work that I’m supposed to do in favor of scouring the Internet for fun pictures, and last night I was delighted to find this picture of some street art in Rue Saint-Denis. Yes, that is Muhammad Ali standing over Street Fighter’s Ryu and it is spectacular.

Obviously, I have a problem with the fact that Ryu still has half of his energy, so he’s probably going to get up and keep fighting. I’m also curious to know how Ali can withstand Ryu’s Hadouken attacks. Unfortunately, I won’t know the answer to that query unless I can actually speak to the artist, known as Combo (The Culture Kidnapper), who also has a few other awesome sports-related works.

First, here’s his take on Le Serment D’Horace, which I believe mocks the way athletes rely on sports nutrition products. Or it’s just about a really dickish team trainer.

And here’s another awesome work, Hussen Bolt, which portrays the world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, as the Roadrunner and his competition as Wile E. Coyotes. Sadly, there are no train tunnels painted on the wall, nor do I see any ACME safes.

In conclusion, these are slightly better than the penis I spray painted on my neighbor’s house last week.

(H/T to Street Art Utopia.)