Here’s Stephen A. Smith’s Ridiculous Rant About Tom Brady Skipping The White House Visit

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04.25.15 21 Comments
Tom Brady and Stephen A. Smith

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ESPN’s chief bloviator Stephen A. Smith recently bloviated about something he had no business bloviating about. So yes, just another day in the office for him. Smith used a solid 10 minutes on his radio show to rant about Tom Brady skipping out on the Patriots visit to the White House Thursday. The team was being honored by President Obama for their 2015 Super Bowl title.

Earlier in the week, Brady said he had a prior obligation, a family commitment, and “quite frankly” this should have been much ado about nothing. But nope. Cue Screamin’ A. Smith yelling for no goddamn reason.

“Where the hell was Tom Brady? Inquiring minds want to know. Where the hell was Tom Brady? I really would like to know. When you won the Super Bowl in 2001 and George W. Bush was president, you were there. When you won back-to-back Super Bowl titles in 2003 and 2004, when George W. Bush was still president, you were there. How come you wasn’t there yesterday? When President Barack Obama was there. I don’t understand it. Is that a legitimate question?”

“I don’t want to speculate. Is he a republican and he doesn’t want anyone to know?”

“But you got a family commitment. Not an emergency!”

Go away Stephen. Go far, far away. This is, in the words of Lieutenant Sam Weinberg, “smoke-filled coffeehouse crap.”

[Source: Barstool Sports]

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