Here’s Steve Levy And Scott Van Pelt’s Heartbreaking Goodbye To ESPN Anchor Stuart Scott

I can say this, as somebody that’s been here since the start. There are very few who will ever make a mark for this place—while he was here—and for years and decades in the future as Stuart did.

-Chris Berman

Sunday night’s SportsCenter paid tribute to long time anchor Stuart Scott, who passed away yesterday after a seven-year battle with cancer. Several of Scott’s friends and colleagues weighed-in during the show, including his SportsCenter “wife” Rich Eisen.

The neat thing is, for those people, you did know Stuart Scott. You did. The guy on TV, that was not an act. That was the man—the father—the lover of life. That was him. And I love him for it and I always will.

But perhaps the best tribute of the night came from Scott Van Pelt, who delivered this wonderful “woof” in honor of his buddy.

Beautiful and spot-on SVP.

R.I.P. Stuart Scott.