Here’s The Awesome Story Behind The Marriage Proposal At A Recent Rays-Yankees Game

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It’s really rare to see a proposal at a sporting event that isn’t corny/doesn’t end in someone making a weird face and running away without saying “yes.” Fortunately for Cameron Hill, his girlfriend Melissa Dohme said yes when he proposed to her at Monday night’s Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees game.

The newlyweds have an amazing story. Dohme was attacked in 2012 by a former boyfriend, who stabbed her 32 times. Hill was one of the first responders to the incident and flew with her to the hospital. They went their separate paths, but Hill said he knew the two would cross paths again.

He ended up being right, as he was in attendance while Dohme gave a speech to a church later that year. The two ended up dating, and as Dohme was about to throw out the first pitch at tonight’s Rays game, Hill presented her with a ball that read “WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

This is such a great moment for Hill and Dohme, and their story is awesome.

(via Extra Mustard, Tampa Bay Times)