10.30.07 10 years ago 30 Comments

As noted yesterday, Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald has a paternity suit coming his way, despite his alleged efforts to keep his impregnated cheerleader quiet with bribes and his desire for her to get an abortion.  It's one of those heartwarming stories.

In an in-depth follow-up to the story, I couldn't find a picture of the cheerleader in question, but industrious Internet wizard Brent sent along this photo of the mom-to-be, Angela Nazario, back when she was in playing shape.  At least I have reason to think it's her.  I mean, the file is called "angela_nazario" — how can it NOT be her?  Plus "Nazario" is one of those names that's, like, Italian or some kinda Spanish, and this chick has dark hair and dark eyes, so that checks out, too.  On the other hand, the photo looks like it could easily be from the early '90s, so maybe Fitty's got himself one of those time-cocks I keep hearing about.

Right.  So anyway, this post seemed like a better idea before I started writing it.  Whatever.  Hey, it's a picture of a cheerleader.  What the hell else do you want from me?

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