Here’s The Perfect Gift For Your Grandpa

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Sports-related or not, we’re big fans of sexy calendars. Whether a team of British girls needs money to support a weird sport or Kelly Brook just wants to remind us that she has giant breasts, my wall has enough space to support a million calendars. And it doesn’t hurt if they have Kate Upton either. Unfortunately, with the good and the busty, there comes the saggy and wrinkly.
A group of mature women in Lake Helen, Florida decided to make a special calendar to support the American Legion Post 127, which was in need of $10,000 in repairs to bring its kitchen up to code. So the women in question decided that they could sell about 800 calendars at roughly $12 a pop to raise that money. And yes, they’re doing it with partial nudity, which would be awesome if they weren’t all 60+ years old. Above all else, it’s worth it for the incredibly terrible photoshops of cats.
But just like I support plus-sized women in pole dancing (not literally, I’m fragile), I give the ladies of Lake Helen a hearty, “F*ck yeah!” for their efforts and I am going to order a calendar to support them. You can, too, by emailing head granny Pat Chadwick at And please don’t pretend to be a Nigerian banker.

(Hat tip to The Blackboard)

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