Here’s The Putt Of The Year From A Guy Who Should Probably Be Working

Meet … uh, This Guy. He just sank the putt of the year.

We don’t have a lot of information about him. He’s not in a golf boy band, he’s not taking sides in the oncoming war between golf pants and shorts and he hasn’t done battle with any three-legged alligators. He’s just a man skilled enough to sink a multi-direction putt from the top of a staircase on somebody else’s time.

Behold, the golf majesty of This Guy.

Gorgeous. I’m gonna pretend they didn’t shoot that clip 1500 times before they got it right and pronounce This Guy as our new King Of Golf. Look out, resurgent Tiger Woods. If you ever play a round in an office building, your ass is his.

[via VideoSift]