Here’s The Story Of The Former NBA Prospect Turned Alleged Drug Addict With A Grenade Launcher

The last we heard about former Seattle Supersonic Robert Swift, he was squatting on his mansion following foreclosure and refusing to leave despite its sale and common decency. He finally left at some point last year and found a new home with his friend. The problem is that this friend is also an alleged drug dealer.

The King County police in Kirkland, Washington raided the home of 54-year-old Trygve Bjorkstam and found a wide array of drug paraphernalia, an arsenal of weapons, and a former NBA star turned willing accomplice. From Seattle PI:

King County prosecutors describe Swift, 28, as a heavily armed heroin addict who admitted to helping his drug dealer-turned-roommate collect a drug debt. That man, 54-year-old Trygve Bjorkstam, is currently facing federal drug and gun charges.

Investigators contend a military-style grenade launcher and sawed-off shotgun were seized from Swift’s bedroom during an Oct. 4 raid on Bjorkstam’s Kirkland home, located 100 yards from an elementary school. Swift was charged Thursday with unlawful possession of a short-barreled shotgun

Accused of amassing an 18-gun arsenal to protect his drug business, Bjorkstam is said to have defended Swift to police, describing him as a “good guy” who helped him try to collect a heroin debt but did not deal drugs himself.

A lot of good guys have grenade launchers. Arnold Schwarzenegger had one in Predator and he was a really good guy. The only problem is that good guys usually don’t spit out quotes like this to the police:

“People have been ripping me off,” Bjorkstam told police, according to charging papers. “Rob and I are trying to put a stop to that.”

Swift was being held on a $20,000 bond on Thursday and Bjorkstam was already free. Both may be looking at some time behind bars though. That’s the risk when you’re allegedly cooking meth, amassing an arsenal, and selling drugs out of your living room. The entire piece is a good read because their plans were insane.

It’s another example of the dark side of the post-sports lifestyle. Not everyone can get rich making pizza commercials and some just fall into the gutter.

(Via Mashable / Seattle PI)