Here’s UFC’s Anthony Pettis Hilariously Beating Up Regular People

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.28.13 5 Comments

Anthony Pettis

Hey, want to see UFC featherweight title contender Anthony Pettis kicking a fat guy as hard as he can in the stomach? Of course you do.

By way of our bros at Cage Potato comes this clip of Jackass-esque stunt comedy group La Fenix allowing a shoot fighter the opportunity to punch them in the face, boot them in the ass and kick them so hard in the gut that their Sideshow Bob tattoos fall off. At one point he tries to give Superman a concussion, and at another he spends a good minute beating the dog mess out of a guy wrapped in bubble wrap. It’s a delight.

Video is below. I really want to see Anthony Pettis shootfight Bam Margera now.

More videos of guys on the Internet getting blistered by Showtime Kicks, please.

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