Here’s Will Ferrell’s Reaction To John Madden Being Upset With His Silly Baseball Stunt

One of the leftovers from Will Ferrell’s appearance on Conan this week was his take on John Madden’s somewhat clueless reaction to his MLB spring training stunt. Ferrell “took over” the MLB cactus league to take on ten different positions for ten different teams, raising money (and awareness) for Stand Up To Cancer and filming a Funny Or Die special for HBO.

After taking a quick look back at Ferrell’s impeccable form on the mound, the topic shifts to John Madden and his “hate” for Ferrell’s antics. The reaction is great because Ferrell jokingly agrees and then flies into a quick Veruca Salt scenario based on how Madden probably thought the entire stunt came to be. Also that f*cking bird is still around.

(Via Team Coco)