Herm Edwards Had An Eventful First Day At Arizona State And Learned About Jerseys

Associate Editor

Head back to the start of 2017 for a second. You probably expected a bunch of stuff to happen now that society is completely through the looking glass, but I would venture to guess that “Arizona State head football coach Herm Edwards” was nowhere on that list. Well, earlier this week, Edwards officially became the head coach of the Sun Devils.

His opening press conference was just tremendous, and as we learned thanks to a video from the program, his first day on the job was almost as good. A video crew followed Edwards around as he was getting settled into his new digs, which included getting a first-hand look into the Sun Devils’ new coach getting used to college football in 2017.

So to Edwards’ credit, he has part of being a college football coach down. He’s great at interacting with people in a 1-on-1 setting and looks incredibly comfortable in a large room. For things like recruiting and fundraising events, both of those “skills” are critically important.

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