04.28.09 9 years ago 4 Comments

Ric Flair’s kid, whose name is Richard Fliehr (WOOOOOO!) was busted for H. No, not herpes. No really, just ask TMZ, who never gets a story wrong, ever:

Richard Fliehr was booked on felony possession of narcotics along with charges of driving while impaired and driving with a revoked license, WSOC is reporting. Fliehr bonded out of jail on Sunday.

This isn’t the first time the Nature Boy’s boy has been in trouble with the law — back in March, he was also arrested for driving while impaired.

Flubby tells me that little Dick wrestles under the name Reid Flair, which I find unimpressive. At least if Nick Hogan would have been pulled over, he would have totalled the car and killed two or three people. And then the cops would have been all, “You’re some wrestler’s kid, this whole thing must be fake.” And then Ted Turner would have bought everyone milkshakes and it would have been a great night. Not as great as getting high on heroin, but pretty good.

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