Hey Boston, Charles Barkley Thinks You’re Taking Your Teams’ Success For Granted

Pro Wrestling Editor
01.13.14 10 Comments

Pictured: THE STRUGGLE<br />(via Getty Image)

NBA legend Charles Barkley is one of America’s leading philosophers. Whether he’s explaining how black people don’t play beer pong, giving advice on who should and should not reproduce or simply saying penis as many times as he can in a Weight Watchers ad, Sir Charles is correct about most things and turrible about only a few.

Here, Charles stands in the New England Patriots locker room and explains to Patriots reporters about how they take winning for granted, don’t understand the value of rooting for teams that aren’t constantly champion and drops choice sound bites like this one:

“When Bill Belichick leaves, when Tom Brady leave … y’all team gon’ f*ckin’ suck.”

Check out the pertinent parts of the interview below. If you’re a fan of Boston-area teams, you’re probably already in the comments section calling him an idiot. Ah well, one day we’ll all be on the same page.

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