Hey, Don’t Forget To Do Our Football Thing

Pro Wrestling Editor
10.14.11 3 Comments

Click the link to make the picture bigger. She isn’t wearing pants! Just kidding, I’m a greeting card writer by day and YOU’VE JUST SIGNED UP FOR FREE FANTASY FOOTBALL THROUGH DRAFTSTREET. Enjoy winning $250, sucker!

But no, seriously, every month now we give you a chance to win a little cash from these guys, and if you aren’t playing along with us each time, you should be. Draftstreet literally gives you cash money just to know about them, and they give you a fun little salary cap micro-managing game that takes a few seconds and could win you more than I make all day. If you like football, fantasy sports, or our UPROXX© brand webpage, help us out. The explanation blurb:

The game happens this weekend, and it’s going to work a lot like our baseball games; you’ll sign up (for free, again, I’m not going to make you pay for anything) and pick your team, choosing two QBs, two WR, two RB and so on until you’ve exhausted your salary cap, and the team with the best performance in this Sunday’s games wins money. So do the next five top teams. That’s right, we’re paying out to the top 6 teams from a $250 cash pool.

And as an added bonus, you get to tell your friends how badly you murdered me. Seriously, I have Colt McCoy on my team. What am I thinking? The game starts on 10/16 and includes Monday night, so sign-up, log in and get your team ready. Let me know who you pick and why in the comments section, so I can finish in the top 100 (at least) next time.

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