04.08.09 9 years ago 8 Comments

Last month, we did a post on the GQ report that Lenny Dykstra couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag. Dykstra issued a rebuttal of that report the following day. But now it looks like Nails might be losing his house after failing to sell it and defaulting on the mortage.

Private equity firm Index Investors, which granted Dykstra a $850,000 bridge loan in November, secured by the 8-bedroom manse, filed foreclosure papers on Dykstra’s pad last month, as has Washington Mutual, on account of Nails defaulting on his $12 million mortgage. Also, his Gulfstream II was impounded on February 12. Basically, the guy needs cash ASAP.

Lenny’s poor Gulfstream. How’s he supposed to fly around the country and act more important than me without his own plane? This economy is just crushing everyone, except for people that weren’t living extravagantly above their means. Oh, and those decent people that lost their jobs as a result of the credit collapse. Them, too, I guess.


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