Hey Girl, Bryce Harper Probably Loves Teens Who Embarrass Themselves On YouTube

07.03.12 6 years ago

This is a picture of Washington Nationals rookie Bryce Harper with UFC ring girl/Playboy playmate Brittany Palmer.

Compare and contrast that to the following video by YouTube’s Mallory Moreno entitled, ‘If Bryce Harper Was My Boyfriend’, a Justin Bieber parody song about how awesome of a girlfriend she’d be filmed longways on a Flip with about five minutes notice. Sample lyrics:

I got stats in my hands that i’d really like to show

show show to you

chillin at the ballpark while the sky’s blue

you don’t know about me but i know about you

so say hello to the bigggest fan of three four, swag

Long story short, this is the difference between Girls Who Like Bryce Harper, and Girls Bryce Harper likes:

Big ups to Savannah Palumbo for her awesome directing job.

[via The Nats Enquirer]

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