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Cardinals running back Edgerrin James, the fading star who will gain 32 yards on 15 carries this Sunday, celebrated Super Bowl week in style: he bought a new Lamborghini for himself (pictured).  Cardinals blogger Darren Urban writes:

I made the mistake – because I thought I had seen something written about Edge renting the Lamborghini – of asking Edge if he bought or rented.

“Cash, straight out the door!” Edge told me, before considering that I even had to ask the question. So a few seconds later, Edge, walking with some of his teammates, expressed his incredulity. “Hey, Urb wanted to know if I rented!” Edge bellowed. “I only rent tents and bouncehouses.”

Well, I guess that’s better than pitching tents at whorehouses.  The “rentals” there can get awfully expensive.

[Fanster via Yardbarker]

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