Hey Jan, Nice Shot

Pro Wrestling Editor

On Thursday we shared with you the first basket of Denver Nugget Kenneth Faried’s NBA career: a thunderous, no-look alley-oop. Today, in direct contrast to Faried, we present Washington Wizards forward Jan Vesely air-balling the sh*t out of his first NBA free throw. Just whiffing it completely.

The best part is that the shot he was fouled on looks almost as bad. He looks like me trying to do a lay-up in fifth grade. The worst part is that his team high-fives him after the shot. I know that’s what they teach you in basketball camp and everything, but refs should start handing out technicals for pity fives.

Trey Kirby of The Basketball Jones helps put things into perspective:

My first inclination is to say things can only get better from here, but then I remembered he’s a Wizard so that might not actually be true.

At least he never had to wear those black and tan uniforms, that’s something.

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