Hey Ladies, Skip Bayless Was The Original Heart Breaker

On the surface, Skip Bayless seems to have a very easy job – take a stance on a topic and shout louder than the person who is arguing the opposing view. But there’s more to his madness than simply, “I’m right, you’re wrong, Tebow rules.” Bayless has shown time and again that he’s willing to tell everyone that he works his ass off to research and scout each day’s First Take topics, so that when he shouts louder than Stephen A. Smith to prove that he’s right – even though a person is always right if they manipulate enough facts and context to warp logic – he can raise his head high and not hate the person that he actually is.

But I’m not here to shred the man’s integrity or talk about how ESPN’s new debate-first ideology has destroyed the foundation of television sports journalism for the sake of ratings that would exist even if they replaced First Take with Dogs Eating Poop. Nah, ladies. I’m here to point out that even if you don’t like Bayless’ “I’m right, you suck” style of “journalism”, you can’t argue that he was and still is a stone cole poon hound.

Just check out this proof positive of yesteryear from his Facebook page

And here’s a little soundtrack for you ladies to play while you dream that he’s praising your heart like it’s Tim Tebow.