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The Super Bowl blotted out all other sporting events this weekend, and that’s too bad*, because there was some outstanding action in other arenas.

RAFAEL NADAL IS A BADASS — Nadal, whose five-set semifinal match was the longest in Australian Open history (5 hours, 14 minutes), had one day less to prepare for the final than Roger Federer, and Nadal still beat him — in five sets that took almost four and a half hours.  Then Federer cried.  Awesome.

GEORGES ST-PIERRE: ALSO A BADASS — GSP’s domination of a completely overmatched BJ Penn at uFC 94 started talk of the French Candian taking on middleweight champion Anderson Silva for the sport’s next “superfight.”  However, the fight I’m looking forward to most is Jon Jones versus anyone at all.  His unanimous decision over Stephan Bonner was the most entertaining fight of the night.

HOCKEY, BASKETBALL STILL GOING ON — I just wanted to make them feel special.  Just eleven days until the NBA’s All-Star weekend, so that’s something to kind of look forward to.  I guess.

*not really

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