09.04.08 10 years ago 13 Comments

Yesterday, the cockholster who moved the Seattle Sonics to the dust bowl unveiled the team’s new name, which was leaked six weeks ago, and the team’s new logo, which was leaked over the weekend. So it surprised precisely no one when they both sucked.

You know, when I root against the Steelers or the Yankees or whoever, I merely want the team to lose.  In a way, I need the existence of such teams because I need a villain, a foil.  Not so with Clay Bennett and Oklahoma City.  I want the franchise to fail, and fail spectacularly.  I want NBA stars to shun it.  I want it to hemorrhage money.  And if by some cruel twist of fate I write this blog long enough to see Bennett die, I’m going to write a joyous obituary celebrating the loss of one more carpetbagging rule-dodging asshole.

Yeah, I can hold a grudge.

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