Hey, Remember That Brooklyn Cyclones Hipster Night?

Back in May, we told you about the Brooklyn Cyclones’ incredible plan to celebrate America’s independence, by honoring the people who care the least about everything – hipsters. Dubbed “Williamsburg Night”, the event was supposed to feature a skinny jeans race and reward people with delightfully ironic beards. Unfortunately, the hipsters won by out-hipstering the Cyclones marketing team.

I was elated when my UPROXXian brother from another hipster mother, Josh Kurp, emailed to let me know he’d be attending Hipster Night last night. Sadly, as he explained via our amazing telekinetic powers, no hipsters really showed up. In fact, that picture above pretty much says it all. Just a few hipsters in their skinny jean shorts enjoying some hot dogs while ignoring organized sports.

As the rest of Williamsburg’s finest said last night, though, “Whatever.” We’re not going to let a poor turnout spoil the fun. With that, I present to you the first ever With Leather Hipster Sports Fan of the Year…

How could we not honor a girl who wears a New York Mets shirt and a hat that has “CUNT” printed on it in huge letters? If those shorts had a Z. Cavaricci tag on them, I’d be in New York trying to propose to her.