The Internet Instantly Turned This High Jumper’s Aborted Attempt Into The Newest Olympics Meme

On Monday night, the high jump final was held at the Rio Olympics, and Canadian Derek Drouin won with a final jump of 2.38 meters. Ukraine’s Bohdan Bondarenko took home the bronze, but not before aborting one of his jump attempts in the hilarious fashion you see above. Having not sorted his feet out on the way up to the jump, he thought better of wasting an attempt (you get three chances at every height) and circled back to try again. However, devoid of context, the moment became a perfect Twitter metaphor for “NOPE.”

Mostly, the hasty retreat Bondarenko beat is a new image punchline for some classic failed hookup jokes, rendered funny once more by the new material. To wit:

(There were TONS of versions virtually the same as the one above, but Conrad here was first, so congrats Conrad.)

For some reason, Arsenal fans really jumped on this meme with both feet. There were a lot of “Arsene in the transfer market,” making fun of manager Arsene Wenger’s fruitless pursuits of name after name, but this was the best:

But no use of the meme was more relatable or original (or less dependent on DM and hookup culture) than Karen’s tweet below. You nailed it, Karen.